Enjoying Night Out With a Little Spend

Enjoying Night Out With a Little Spend

Night out expenses can add up quickly. Instead of unwinding with costly nights out, consider tightening your budget and finding more affordable ways to relax.

People want to unwind after a long day’s grind. In many cases, that unwinding is done with friends or family, but what if previous nights out have ended with enormous bills? You can push back that trend and tighten belts for the next night out.

Cash, no cards 

Prepare a certain amount of cash and make sure to spend within that limit, especially if you’re just going to one place. A budgeting app like 2 Ezi may help in keeping to the spending cap. Do not bring any credit cards; that way there’s less danger of being tempted to swipe it on a whim, let alone the possibility of losing the cards due to misplacement or theft. Even if you have a debit card on hand, do not attempt to withdraw money or swipe it either.

Avoid using smartphone payment apps

The prevalence of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) apps gave consumers added flexibility with their payment options. However, that also gives rise to unwanted swipes using QR codes. If you have certain BNPL apps on your gadgets, make sure not to engage them, as any usage could also appear on your credit card the same way as a swipe.

Eat before going out 

Some social experts advise eating a full meal at home before heading out. That way, you reduce the need to order food yourself and also not increase your appetite.


If the place you’re going to is not that far away from home, consider walking with your friends. Aside from the exercise and mental clarity offered by the stroll, you save money that would have been spent on taking the taxi or a rideshare. However, if the group is already tipsy, you can split a taxi on the way home.

Not just a bar-only place

You may have to check up on social establishments that have other features on offer besides a bar. That way, you can bond with your friends or meet new people over other activities that may not require some spending.

Off-peak nights

Not all clubs tend to be full houses most of the time. Research the evenings when your chosen venue is not at peak capacity. You and your party will have more maneouvre room and can watch out for each other. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, you may also be wary of people with symptoms – check your state or territorial authority on the level of community transmission.

No pub crawls 

Some groups of club patrons may have plans to visit a number of bars all in one night. Consider going home after your group visits the first bar to prevent incurring additional expenses.

Promotional staff

Some clubs may have promotional staff coming up to offer a drink. As much as possible, avoid the offers for your own safety and protect your budget. Nobody knows if the drinks they are offering are a potent kicker – or have been spiked with certain sedatives.

Avoid big-ticket drinks

Even if you resolve to have just one alcoholic drink, do not be tempted to order one shot of the most expensive drink on the menu. There’s a chance your entire budget for the night may be spent on it.

Just one pitcher

If your group is going for the same drink, ask if the dining place offers the drink in a pitcher and the team can chip in to cover that cost. This can save you and your group full price for separate glasses of the same drink.

Take advantage of deals

If you’re heading out to a bar, research beforehand if the place has deals. These may include free drinks for one person in a party depending on the size or half-price off certain drinks during off-peak hours. If you intend to hang out at a particular place going forward, some nightlife gurus suggest getting to know the staff and building relationships with them; they will appreciate your loyalty and possibly give you incentives.

No to “waiter, another round!”

If you and your friends are at the bar, limit yourself to one drink only and you can’t order a round for everyone on the team. You run the danger of considerably blowing your budget if you do order a round.

Constant hydration

Alcohol is a diuretic and will force you to hit the restroom many times in one night if the drinking is not controlled. You need to request water on tap to keep your fluid intake between drinks – even more if you only consume one alcoholic drink.


If you need a hangover meal, plan ahead by stocking up easy-to-prepare food at home, such as frozen pizza and pasta, coffee, bread (for toast) and fruit.

It’s okay to have some time on the town with friends or loved ones. If there’s a way to bond without spending a lot of cash, so much the better.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute official financial or health advice. Please practise responsible behaviour in a public setting.

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